Ghostbusters: Old School vs New School Ghosts

Ghostbusters is getting a long-awaited reboot with an all-female cast and people are losing their minds. There’s a lot of negative opinions out there, but I haven’t seen the movie yet so I decided to compare ghosts from past and present in a good ol’ fashion ghost off!

Let’s go!


Shhhhh. We know. The new library ghost doesn’t hold a candle to the old one. The fact they used a real elderly lady in pale make-up then spliced in a practical foam latex monster to create the transition effect is already better than any CGI ghost they can throw at us.

Let me lay out my case…

Library Ghost – 1984

The latex foam ghost is terrifying and feels extremely authentic and ethereal.

Library Ghost – 2016

They may have modeled this off of a real individual but it feels straight-up CGI and right out of a video game. Nothing is haunting or scary about it.

Old school wins!


The pure design of slimer is creepy and yet somehow hilarious. He adheres to the standard form we often think of when we picture ghosts. A glowing blob of fun. But the weird creepy details are his oversized human teeth! His never ending appetite for junk food and mischievous ways have made him a perfect mascot for the franchise and still holds up all these years later.

Slimer from 1984 is pictured on the left and the new updated 2016 version is pictured on the right.

Honestly outside of the textual differences I don’t mind the updated slimer. The special FX mixed with a foam latex puppet always win out in the authenticity department. However the next Slimer really holds up and looks to be a lot of fun.

This battle is a draw!


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