SDCC: Bruce Campbell Steals the Show at Starz Ash vs Evil Dead Panel

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If you couldn’t make it to Comic-Con or just wasn’t one of the lucky few to get into the Starz Ash vs Evil Dead panel then fear not! We have the panel in it’s entirety for your viewing pleasure. As usual Bruce Campbell store the show.

Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Ted Raimi, and Lee Majors all joined the panel to discuss the upcoming season of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Ash vs Evil Dead Panel Highlights

What can we expect from season 2? Sam Raimi says, “it’s even more intense than last season” and that “Lee Majors is going to bring a whole new dimension to the show.”

Lucy Lawless said her character “Ruby is not much of a role model. She’s a mad dog and her own worst enemy. I want you to remember that at the end of the season.”

A fan from the audience asked Bruce what it’s like to play a character like Ash. His response was what we have grown to love about him. “I find the conventional hero to be snoresville. I’m not the ‘here little Billy take your medicine and you’ll feel better type of guy. I’m the ‘here little Billy take your medicine is your mom around? I enjoy that chapter much more. There is room for improvement with a character like that.” Campbell said.

During the Q&A session Bruce had a lot of fun with the cast and a family co-playing as Suicide Squad in the front row. Check out the panel video below.

Previous chapters of the Evil Dead franchise will be referenced and brought to life in season 2. The rights have been secured to work in mentions of Army of Darkness and the previous backstory with that film – and if the off-site activation is means anything we are also going to see a lot from Evil Dead 2 as well.


See the cast go through the Evil Dead Cabin>

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