A24 Builds Tension in the Official Trailer for “It Comes At Night”


The new trailer for A24’s upcoming horror film, “It Comes At Night,” is shrouded in mystery. Slow panning shots leading to a red door – but what is behind the door? If they were trying to build tension with the official trailer they nailed it. What is “It?” Where does it “Come” from? Why are people so scared!?

A slow burn and build of terror is what we get from the new trailer from A24 – but not much else. Building toward a sequence of frantic smash cuts to build up the tension it only adds to the mystery. In my opinion it’s how a well crafted trailer should be handled. Giving us just enough for intrigue and left wanting more.

A24 has built an impressive collection of well crafted horror and thrillers that include; The Witch, Green Room and Oz Perkin’s feature The Blackcoat’s Daughter. While most of those films have had mixed reviews no one can strike down the quality put into the products. The end results in stunning visuals and storytelling.

It Comes At Night makes it ways into theaters August 25th.


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