10 Horror Films to Watch During Your Halloween Party

October is almost here so it’s time to start thinking of costume ideas for your Halloween party. Will you go as Sexy Freddy Krueger, Donald Trump (Spoooky) or maybe a banana? Well whatever you go as if you are hosting a Halloween party it’s also time to start thinking about what movies you plan to screen for your guests. It’s Halloween so try not to pick something that is just background noise, pick something that is going to creep them the hell out – or keep them interested with a horror comedy that will make them bust a gut. Hey! Maybe that can be your costume, gut buster! Some sort of weird demented Superhero!?

Okay, enough about that. We have a list to get you started but the rest is up to you!

10.) Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tyler Labine and Alan Tuduk have become genre fan favorites and if you are unfamiliar with the film or the duo then you will have a blast at your Halloween party with Tucker and Dale. This non-stop horror comedy plays up all the horror tropes in a kind and endearing way with a pop of blood and gore.

9.) The Strangers

If you are looking for something a little more subdued that will provide some jump scares with excellent sound design then The Strangers should be on your list. A throwback horror film with simplistic themes that everyone can identify with when you hear a strange sound in the house. You can also play some great pranks by having someone at the party bang on the front door about half way through. One of my favorite horror films in the last 10 years.


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