10 Horror Films To Look Forward To From Now Until 2017


6.) Insidious 4

Blumhouse confirmed that franchise regular Lin Shaye will be return as Elise Rainer, along with announcing a fall 2017 release date. A video from Blumhouse earlier this year showed Lin Shaye playing with a deck of tarot cards, when she’s joined by Leigh Whannell in producer Jason Blum‘s office. The actress, pouring over the cards, says she’s “getting something” before flipping them over to reveal that Insidious Chapter 4 will be written by Leigh Whannell, directed by Adam Robitel.

One potential backstory I heard for the forth installment was exploring the background of the creepy 50’s family we saw in The Further. It was the creepiest part of the second film and could provide some spooky scenes.

Released: October 27, 2017

Synopsis: Once more into the further dear friend.

5.) Saw Legacy

still_saw_legacyHeeeeeeee’ssss baaaaack! SAW 3D: The Final Chapter was suppose to be just that – the final film in the franchise. Much like Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, but we all know we’ll see another Resident Evil film in 5 years.  As with most successful franchises these days the villain never truly dies and nor does the franchise. The plot is still unknown but we are sure Jigsaw will have plenty of games to play.

Released: 2017

Synopsis: TBA


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