Woody Harrelson Is Joining The Kevin Hart Action-Comedy ‘Man From Toronto’

Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

The history of cinema is littered with stories of actors who replaced other actors last minute. Sometimes weeks into production. Usually those stories fly under the radar, only to be revealing during some Q&A session down the line. Yet, those instances in question don’t involve Jason Statham and Woody Harrelson. Two actors, who if you squint really hard, are both bald. They’re both actors who (technically) have the same role in the film Man From Toronto.

For those confused, last week Jason Statham announced he was leaving the upcoming feature Man From Toronto. Mere weeks before filming was set to begin. Part of the reason for the decision, was that Statham was pushing for an R-rated movie, where as the production company, Sony, wanted a PG-13 rated. One that could potentially do better at the box office and fit in with the demographic of the film’s main lead, Kevin Hart. Yesterday, Variety revealed that Harrelson is the one who will be stepping into the recently vacated shoes of Statham.

Here’s the basics of the plot, so you can easily swap the two actors in your mind:

“The film revolves around a case of a mistaken identity after the world’s deadliest assassin (Harrelson), known as the ‘Man from Toronto,’ and a stranger, played by Hart, run into each other at an Airbnb. Chaos soon follows as the assassin’s world comes crashing down on Hart’s.”

The switch to Harrelson probably plays up the comedy aspect a bit more than previously would be expected. What with that being his strong suit. Not that he can’t do action (Zombieland & War for the Planet of the Apes, suggest he can get by). More so that the physicality and hand-to-hand combat shenanigans will likely be toned down. The part that hovers over it all, is the rating being the linchpin here. It makes you wonder, besides money, why they’d angle away from the R? If Statham wants to cracks some heads, you let him crack them!

Anyways, the big question here is if you all are excited for Man From Toronto? Are you someone who flocks to any and all Kevin Hart movies? Do you prefer action Jason Statham, comedic Jason Statham or a hybrid of the two? Be sure to share your opinions below. As of now, the reason this casting happened so quickly, is Sony plans to release this film. November 20, to be exact. When more news or a trailer or a poster comes to light, we’ll post it, right away.

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