Witness The Exciting Full Trailer For The ‘Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’ Docuseries

Image Courtesy of Disney/LucasFilm

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten little tidbits, about a documentary series Disney was rolling out onto Disney+. We mostly had the title, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian and knew it would be an all- behind the scenes extravaganza. They could have said it was only 10 minutes long and people still would have freaked out. It’s The Mandalorian and everyone wants more content, surrounding the show. Now, Disney has pulled back the curtain a little, by releasing a full fledged trailer, for the series. Take a look.

First thing first, there’s a whole bunch of joyous energy radiating from that footage. From the smiles to the passion to the general love of Star Wars, it’s palpable. The other big takeaway is that Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian appears to be an updating of Dinner For Five. For those who might not remember, that was a series, hosted by Jon Favreau, in which he and a revolving list of actors, writers and directors sat around to drink, eat and discuss film. So taking that and attaching it to the spine of rather exciting behind-the-scenes footage, is very smart. With 8 episodes slated for the series, it seems every aspect of the show will get a deep dive.

For all intents and purposes, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, is coming out at the perfect time. Disney+ needs more content and families and people stuck at home need more stuff to watch. Then there’s also the fact that the release date is May the 4th. Otherwise known as “Star Wars Day”. Sure it does reek of crass commercialism, with plenty arguing that yearly. In 2020, this feels a bit different. A time for people to come together, from afar, and celebrate their love for a galaxy’s worth of entertainment. What better way to engage in that, then watching the magic behind what makes that possible. It may seem overly sentimental, but this is Star Wars. So make sure to gather your family, in your home & virtually, as Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, lands on Disney+, on May 4.

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