Which Actor Turned Down the Role for Young Han Solo?

Gabe Basso is probably best known for his role on “The Big C” (ABC Family), “The Kings of Summer” and  J.J. Abrams  2011 film “Super 8.

Basso sent in a blind audition tape in the back of an alley while shooting other films for an untitled sci-fi film. A week later he got a call from Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams to come in for a follow-up audition. He landed the supporting role of Martin in what would become “Super 8”.

As for any young actor this was a huge opportunity to work with both Spielberg and Abrams. Gabe kept in touch with Abrams after “Super 8” was released and sources tell us the two formed a nice friendship.

J.J. would go on to become a super producer / director working on such properties as “Star Trek” and most recenctly “Star Wars”. He would bring back the grity and authenticity to a franchise that really needed a shot in the arm. Since the release of “Force Awakens” it certanly has awakened the force and a whole new generation of “Star Wars” fans. With it has come sequels, spin-offs (“Rogue One”) and soon a Young Han Solo film.

As soon as the Young Han Solo film was announced rumors were rampant as to who would play the young version of the Harrison Ford character that lives in Star Wars lore. Actors like Miles Tiller, Dylan O’Brien, Colton Haynes, Scott Eastwood and Liam Hemsworth were tossed out. No one even mentioned Basso in the rumor mill. But because of his close relationship with Abrams from his “Super 8” role he not only had a shot to play young Solo – a close family friend tells us he was offered the role!

For reasons unknown to us he turned it down and moved back to his hometown of St. Louis and is currently semi-retired from acting at the moment. Maybe it was the stress of being a child actor in Hollywood and he just needed a break – but we hope he jumps back into acting soon and wish him all the best!

In the meantime Alden Ehrenreich landed the role of young Han Solo. Donald Glover and Emilia Clarke and Woody Harleson have also joined the cast.

The film is expected to be released  May 25, 2018.

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