‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Teases Season 2 With A Series Of Strange Puppet Shows

What We Do In The Shadows Season 2
Image Courtesy Of FX Network/FX

There are lots of ways to advertise your television show. Writing an ad in the sky. Taking out a page in a national newspaper or widely distributed magazine. Bus banners. Targeted ads online. A commercial with a big guest star. The last thing you’d ever guess was using marionettes to get people excited. Well, that’s exactly what FX’s What We Do In The Shadows is doing for Season 2. Let’s just say things get wild.

First thing first, if you happen to have an irrational fear of puppets, you might want to look away. If you are someone who gets put to sleep easily watching puppeteering, avert your eyes. If you are someone who delights in droll humor, then by all means, watch these 3 teasers. They’re well worth your time.






Well, that’s not something you’re going to see everyday. Let alone over the course of a week. There’s something inspiringly silly about taking this route. Which of course is very fitting with the TV show. Taking a moment to let all this sink in, there really isn’t a better way to advertise What We Do In The Shadows. It’s brilliant.

Finally, for those who might want a real peek into what will happen in Season 2, FX put out an official synopsis:

“What We Do in the Shadows follows four vampires who’ve “lived” together for hundreds of years. In Season 2, the vampires will try to find their way in a world of human Super Bowl parties, internet trolls, an energy vampire who gets a promotion and becomes drunk on power and of course, all the ghosts, witches, necromancers, zombies and shadowy cloaked assassins who roam freely in the Tri-State area.”

What We Do In The Shadows was something of a surprise when it first hit airwaves. Spinning off from a movie is never an easy task. Specially when it a cult hit, as beloved as Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s 2014 film. Just knowing there’s a new set of episodes coming, should tell you how well it went over. If you haven’t already, it’s highly recommended that you catch up. The sooner the better, as season 2 hits FX and FX on Hulu, starting on April 15th.

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