Warner Bros is Doing A Live-Action ‘Johnny Quest’ Movie With Chris McKay

Jonny Quest
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Here’s a nostalgia trip that no one may have seen coming. A report from The Wrap says that Warner Bros. is moving forward on a live-action Jonny Quest film. They’ve even tapped The Lego Batman Movie helmer Chris McKay to direct the picture.

Jonny Quest was a popular animated TV series in the mid-60’s from Hanna-Barbera. It followed the boy adventurer Jonny, as he investigated weird happenings around the world, while battled nefarious villains. Always helped by his family bodyguard Race Bannon, adopted brother Hadji and trusty dog Bandit. Thought it only ran for an initial 26 episodes, it’s influenced generations of animators and writers. In 1986 it spawned a short lived revival. Anyone who is a fan of Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. should be familiar with the basic set up, as it originally was framed as a parody of Jonny Quest.

There have been several attemptes in the past to get a Quest movie off the ground. In the 90’s Richard Donner tried to make something happen, after TNT titan Ted Turner purchased the Hanna-Barbera library. In 2015 Robert Rodriguez had signed on to make a picture in the vein of his Spy Kids series, yet nothing materialized. However, the weirdest instance may be been in 2010, when Dwayne Johnson was attached to play Race Bannon. How that never came to be still remains a mystery.

McKay is an interesting choice to direct. He’s brought Warner Bros. success through The Lego Batman Movie. Before that he served as a long standing director on both Robot Chicken and Morel Orel. Where he finds time to add Jonny Quest to his schedule seems kind of fuzzy. In addition to this film, he was announced as director of the next Dungeons & Dragons picture, back in February. Just last month he took to twitter to re-confirm that he’s still set to direct a Nightwing adaptation. Eventually, of course. It hinges on how quickly Warner want to get this to the screen.

Would you get amped over a live-action Jonny Quest film? Are there any other Hanna-Barbera properties you’d also like to see the big screen treatment? Do you think they should see if they can convince Johnson back for this film? Sound off in the comments. Personally, we just hope they convince Tim Matheson (who voiced the original Jonny) to make a cameo.  These kinds of pictures always make sure to include an Easter egg like that. More on this one, as it develops.

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