Check Out the ‘Vice’ Trailer and See Why Christian Bale Will Probably Win Another Oscar

Image Courtesy of Annapurina

Adam McKay’s new Dick Chaney biopic has always seemed like an idea that has Oscar written all over it. However, we haven’t seen or heard much about it. It wasn’t at any fall festivals. It’s not coming out until Christmas. Outside of a few picture of Christian Bale, hardly anything was known about ‘Vice‘. That all changed this morning when we got the official trailer for the new film. Watch it below to see to see the story that ‘changed the course of history forever”:

I have loved all of Adam McKay’s comedies with Will Farrell. But I must be honest and say I was never wild about ‘The Big Short’. I thought it was confusing, pretentious and unfocused. Like literally the camera is rarely in focus. So I wasn’t really in the mood for McCay’s take on Chaney.

Then I saw the trailer and my Lord am I hyped. Christian Bale is note perfect as Chaney. He looks exactly like him thanks to some weight game and prosthetic. Bale also manages to sound just like him as well. He has even mastered the [in]famous belabored sigh of the former Vice President.

The other principle players in ‘Vice‘ are Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush, Amy Adams as Lynne Chaney & Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. All of them look like damn fine casting. With all the talent involved it’s honestly hard to imagine a world where ‘Vice’ isn’t one of the best films of 2018.

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