TIFF Opener & Netflix Historical Epic ‘Outlaw King’ Gets A Trailer

Outlaw King

Strap up your boots, it’s that time of year when films looking for award consideration, start dropping from the sky en masse. Seemingly kicking things off is what looks to be a giant giant film from Netflix, Outlaw King. The trailer for which was released earlier today. Have a look.



Well that certainly looks epic. At the same time there’s a lyrical feeling to it all. Although that could be the trailer. Elements call to mind the likes of Braveheart, Kingdom of Heaven and most other historical period species that feature giant battle sequences. Seriously, it looks like they went all out here.

Outlaw King will tell the tale of Scottish King, Robert the Bruce. Robert famously lead a rebel army against Edward I, the King of England, seeking to regain occupation of Scottland. Edward I declared Robert an outlaw after he helped himself to the Scottish crown and caused civil unrest. The film looks to follow the rise and fall and rise against of the man who became a legend. So, get ready for quiet moments of introspection, along with a decent amount of bloodshed.

The most interesting aspect here is that the film reunites director David Mackenzie with his Hell or High Water star, Chris Pine. They’re backed by writing credits from Mark Bomback (War For The Planet Of The Apes) and Bathsheba Doran (Boardwalk Empire). Not a bad pedigree at all.

Recently Outlaw King was announced as the opening film for the Toronto International Film Festival. Meaning that initial reviews will start trickling out in the upcoming weeks. For those gnashing at the bit, it will be released both in select theaters, as well as Netflix on November 9th. If the trailer is anything to go off of, this will be one not to miss.

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