This Trailer For The Wild Looking ‘The Iron Mask’ Features Jackie Chan Fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger

Iron Mask
Image Courtesy of China Film Group Corporation/ Russian Film Group Corporation

How do you market a foreign film for audiences around the globe? Well, apparently you focus highly on two of the world’s biggest action stars (in the 80’s & 90’s), who somehow ended up in your film. That’s the case with this trailer for The Iron Mask. Arnold Shwarzenegger as a Tower of London guard. Jackie Chan as a prisoner. The two recognizable faces come head to head, in a fight that features as much verbal jousting, as it does fisticuffs. Yet, who cares? This is something that people have been dreaming of for years! Well, ready yourself, as this completely insane trailer has more up its sleeve, than just that showstopper.

Unsurprisingly, for anyone who watched that trailer, Chan and Schwarzenegger aren’t the stars of the film. If anything, they’re glorified cameos, getting but one scene. Who cares, when that one scene has theme in an epic (and ridiculous) battle? The plus side is that Chan is slightly more involved in the proceedings, with his Jackie Chan Stunt Team leading their talents to the several battles that take place between people who aren’t those previously mentioned titans. Instead, the lead of the film is Jason Flemyng , who plays a cartographer, tasked with mapping the far east, befriending a rebel and taking on an evil woman who rides a giant dragon? Wait, what?

According to a cursory search, this is the official plot of The Iron Mask:

“Set in the 18th century, the film follows the continuing exploits of cartographer Jonathan Green as he undertakes a scientific and supernatural journey that leads him from England to China.”

For those game and like the sensation of their brain overloading and melting, then feast your eyes on this other trailer for the film. One that doesn’t feature Chan and Schwarzenegger, but has Rutger Hauer, in one of his final film roles. (Note: if you click on the video link, it was release in 2017)


Now for probably the craziest part, this film was actually already released in China and Russia. In 2020. Under the title Journey To China: The Mystery Of Iron Mask. Furthermore, it doesn’t have an actual US release date at this moment. The main trailer above, is for the UK theatrical and digital release, on April 10th. Should you be super super interested in checking out this nutty film, you’ll have to chart a very expensive trip to London or wait patiently. There’s a rather good chance that The Iron Mask will pop up on American VOD services randomly. Whenever that does happen, you can expect us to have a full report for you.

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