The Weekender: Quentin Tarantino, Venom & More

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Welcome to The Weekender. A compilation of stories we didn’t get a chance to touch on earlier and a collection of some of our favorite piece from the week.


This week we have additions to the never ending cast of Tarantino’s new film, new developments in Woody Allen’s deal with Amazon & A new theme song for ‘Venom’.

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ finally has it’s Charles Manson

I’m fairly positive we will stop reporting on ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ casting by the time the film comes, but I can’t be sure. This week it was announced that Rumer Willis, Dreama Walker, Margaret Qualley, Costa Ronin, Victoria Pedretti, Madisen Beaty and Damon Herriman have joined the cast. Herriman is most notable addition on this list as he will portray Charles Manson. The actor has had a busy career as a character actor (mostly on television). He has appeared in ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Justified’ & ‘Top of the Lake’. Herriman will also be playing Charles Manson in the second season of ‘Manhunter’. This means by 2020, he will have played Manson for both Quentin Tarantino & David Fincher. If you have to get typecast, there are worse ways to do it.

Woody Allen’s Latest Film has Been Postponed Indefinitely

There was a time when a Woody Allen film starring Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Jude Law and Rebecca Hall would be exactly the kind of thing Amazon Studios would love to release. However, in the wake of #metoo, that is no longer the case. Allen’s new film ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ still does not have a release date and Amazon has no plans on releasing the film anytime soon. Alsom many of the actors have agreed to donate their salaries from the film to charity. All of this is due to longstanding allegation against Woody Allen made by his daughter Dylan Farrow. On one hand, you do feel for all the actors and crew who worked so hard on the film only to have it be shelved. Woody Allen deserves no such sympathy though. He’s been the beneficiary of “separate art from artist” for far too long.

Eminem Debuts ‘Venom (Music from the Motion Picture)’ on New Album

Eminem released a surprise album this week. I won’t get into whether or not it’s good because this is not a music site. Also, as a middle-class white male who grew up in the early 2000’s, I cannot provide objective analysis. The last track on the album, ‘Kamikaze’, is called ‘Venom’. Is this Marshal Mather’s second attempt at Oscar gold? Or, does it simply mean Sony was willing to pay to put the name of their movie on his song. ‘Venom’ contains barely any references to the character or comic-books or anything outside of Em’s normal repertoire so I think we all know the answer to that. Is the song any good? Again, i’m not a person who could properly critique this. I can only say that after listening to ‘Venom’, ‘Bat-dance’ remains my favorite song inspired by super her0 movie.

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Hugh Jack is Gary Hart, ‘The Front Runner’

Awards season is just around the corner, and we have got the first first look at Hugh Jackman oscar play this year. It’s a political docudrama by Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Tully) about the rise and fall of one time “Your next President of the United States” Gary Hart.

Spawn Reboot has a Director

Todd Mcfarlane is pulling out all the stops on his new ‘Spawn’ film. The cast sounds incredible, and now we know the film will be directed by Greg Nicotero of ‘The Walking Dead’ fame. Nicotero is also a renowned makeup & effects artist and his company will help with the design of the hellspawn in the new film.

‘Searching’ Brings and Analog Story to the Digital World

Check out my review for the new John Cho film, ‘Searching’. I wasn’t over the moon for it, but Cho delivers a fantastic performance. Go out and support this movie for his work alone.


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