The New ‘Bad Times At The El Roayle’ Trailer Promises A Neon Pulp Thriller

Bad Times At The El Royale
© Twentieth Century Fox/ Kimberley French

Sometimes a trailer just works. That may sound simple on the page, but what with a never ending supply of announcement teasers, teaser trailers, trailers and tv spots, it can be tad overwhelming. So, color me surprised when a trailer does it’s job of showcasing talent and making me intrigued by it’s concept. That’s what happened when Bad Times At The El Royale released its first teaser. Now, that feeling is back again with a rousing “proper trailer” (I’m not sure anymore). Let it wash over you.

Ok, sold. End of discussion. There’s a whole lot going on in that trailer, but I don’t have the energy to break it all down, simply because I want watch that movie right now. Full stop. There’s a ridiculous amount of talent on display there. From Jeff Bridges to Cynthia Erivo to Jon Hamm to Dakota Johnson. You want a hippie open-shirt Chris Hemsworth? Oh, you are going to get your fill. Wrap that up in a package that appears to be what happens when you put Agatha Christie, neons, pulp, noir and catchy hits from the 60’s in a blender. It ticks a lot of boxes.

The other big draw is Drew Goddard. Working away in the system since his only other directing credit, the brilliant Cabin In The Woods. This film is all him. Writing. Directing. Producing. Though that’s to be expected when you now get to spend the rest of your days with “Academy Award Nominees” tacked onto the front of your name.

For those of you who ignored the above, still prefer reading when it comes to a visual medium, here’s the ever helpful official synopsis:

“Seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at a run-down hotel in Lake Tahoe in 1960s California. Over the course of a fateful night, they all get one last shot at redemption before everything goes wrong.”

Bad Times At The El Roayle simply cannot get here soon enough. You mix that much talent with that of Drew Goddard and you just know you are in for a special time. We’ll be able to see if the hype matches whatever insanity spills out onto the screen, when the film opens wide October 5th.


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