‘The King’s Man’ Gets A New Trailer, New Poster & New Shadowy Central Villain, All In One Day

Image Courtesy of 20th Century Studios/MARV

There’s certain movies that feel like they’ve been teased forever. No, not The New Mutants, because that film doesn’t exist. It’s a collective hallucination. Nothing more. Staying in the former 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios) for a minute, there’s another action sequel that comes to mind. Well, a prequel in this case. That’s because we’ve been covering The King’s Man for almost a year now. One of the casualties of the Disney merger, it was originally supposed to hit theaters, back in February. Instead, we’re now getting a final trailer.



Here’s the official synopsis, highlighting the key element that keeps this entry interesting:

“As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them. Discover the origins of the very first independent intelligence agency in The King’s Man.”

What is it about seeing Rasputin getting in a fight with The Duke of Oxford (aka T.E. Lawrence), that feels so goofily exciting? That’s one of the main elements this film has going for it. Taking historical figures and placing them in silly or action packed context. It allows director Matthew Vaughn to keep with high octane antics and put a little or history to shape it all. Lroba ky bloated and twisted history, but it’ll still be in there. Outside the aforementioned duo, Tom Hollander is playing triple roles of George V/Wilhelm II/Nicholas II. Then there’s the curious inclusion of Daniel Bruhl’s Felix Yusupov. A figure who ties back to Rasputin and Nicholas II and definitely, probably signals a twist or two in the last act of the film. Either way it looks like the kind of fun that’s worth wasting a slSunday afternoon with.

The new trailer for The King’s Man has one key piece that has to be pointed out. Of course we’re talking about the trailer’s central villain. The one literally shrouded in shadow, every instance they pop up on screen. To the point where it feels more G.I. Joe and Inspector Gadget, than specially clever. We know they have a bald head and curiously long mustache, but that’s it. Adding the slight level of mystery to things, at least from a marketing standpoint, is a smart move. Should the concealment roll over to the actual film itself, that may be going a step too far.

What do you all make of the trailer? Are you ready to sign up for this vein of derring-do and spy heroics? What other historical figures would you like to see pop up here? Who is the shadowy villain? Does he have connections to Ralph Fiennes Duke? Feel free to speculate wildly in the comments, that’s what the area is there for. The King’s Man looks to parachute into theaters, on September 18. In the meantime, check out the artfully done new poster, for the film.

Image Courtesy of 20th Century Studios/MARV
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