Life’s A Rodeo In ‘The Beach Bum’ Red Band Teaser

The Beach Bum

Matthew McConaughey is a strange cat. No one will dispute that. Harmony Korine is even stranger. So, the idea of pairing the two in Korine’s follow up to Spring Breakers seems like a match made in terrifying neon, drugged out heaven. Judging by this Red Band teaser (aka NSFW) for The Beach Bum, things are even wilder than we could have imagined.



About what you’d expect, right? I can’t wait to see this. Korine is a divisive director, but he sure has a distinct vision and always follows through on it. Now, since this is just a teaser, we don’t have a full sense of what’s going on in The Beach Bum. Footage focuses on McConaughey’s Moondog. Which appears to be the most heightened possible version of McConaughey’s perceived persona. He plays bongos. He gets high a lot. His wardrobe is the definition of eclectic. Apparently he writes poetry, yet what we mostly see is Moondog as he wanders in and out of people’s lives. While there’s no word on what the central plot it, it looks captivating as hell.

Beyond McConaughey there’s a murders’ row of talent on display. Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence and Zach Efron all make apperances. Even Jimmy Buffett is in this! Since The Beach Bum doesn’t come out until March 22nd of 2019, expect a lot more about this to come to light in the next few months. This just feels like the tip of the iceberg.

What do you think, though? Are you a fan of Harmony Korine’s work? Does this teaser get you excited for whatever nonsense is in store? Let us know below and don’t be surprised if a few people out there dress like Moondog this Halloween.

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