Taraji P. Henson’s Gender-Swapping ‘What Men Want’ Gets A Trailer

What Women Want
Paramount Pictures

The 2018 freight train that is Taraji P. Henson just keeps on rolling. Which is fine with us, as Henson is something of a badass and talented actress, even if some of the films she’s in don’t exactly get their time of day. Her latest feature to hit theaters is a gender swapped version of Nancy Meyer’s hit from 2000 What Women Want, which starred then bankable Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, simply titled What Men Want. Probably because the notion of creativity is waning these days. Anyways, a trailer dropped earlier today. Take a look below.



That seems about exactly what you’d expect. It may not prove to rake in the dough how the original did, but that has “moderate crowd-pleaser” written all over it. Just depends on whether you think that’s a good thing or bad.

Listen, it’s hard to argue with director Adam Shankman’s (Hairspray, Rock Of Ages) film output. He has a way of making movies that can turn a profit with the average filmgoer. It may never be pretty, but he gets the job done in a way that Hollywood studios can get behind. Plus, remaking What Women Want isn’t as crazy as you may think, given that China remade it as recently as 2011 (starring international superstar Any Lau).

Henson is surrounded by serviceable talent, so there’s sure to be a few nuggets of comedic gold that slip through the cracks here. When you get the likes of Tracy Morgan, Max Greenfield and Wendi McLendon-Covey together, that’s the hope, right? As for the inclusion of Brian Bosworth, NOT playing Brian Bosworth….that’s anyone’s guess. Either way, you have time to prepare yourself, as What Men Want doesn’t come out until January 11th, 2019. Plan accordingly.

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