[Updated] The Next Star Wars Movie Director May Already Be Taking Meetings

Image Courtesy of Fox Searchlight/Searchlight Pictures

Sometimes a news story isn’t a news story. Sometimes it’s a small nugget of excitement that sends minds spiraling, the internet speculating and all kinds of work stops getting done. So it’s probably good that new Star Wars evening news or possibilities happens after 5pm. And involves Taika Waititi.

The morsel of excitement coves via Variety and focuses on who may be being courted to direct the next star wars feature. The Oscar nominated JoJo Rabbit co-writer and director is the one the mouse house has their eyes on. Which makes a ton of sense, given he was behind the lens of The Mandalorian season 1 finale. Not to mention did a voice on the show. Plus directs a few marvel movies for them. Either way he’s a perfect choice to bring a different voice to chart a new corner of the galaxy. Far, far away from the Skywalker saga.

The only problem with this news is how thing it is. True, the Variety piece says he’s only been “approached” develop a new film. Extremely specific words that could mean nothing. The potential though is undeniably exciting. Well, once he finishes his next movie, Next Goal Wins, then Thor: Love & Thunder and a few either coals he has in the fire. That’s Gulliermo del Toro level juggling there, something he’s admittedly not the best at. So, let’s take all this with a massive massive grain of salt. While crossing our fingers, behind our back.

Update 7:15pm:
You can call it a very strange coincidence or someone giving out a music suggestion, but Waititi happened to post this over on his Twitter:

Now, again taking the hopeful side for a quick second, maybe he just happened to be watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Or it’s a code for everyone to scramble. Maybe even hints at the story? More realistically it’s a way to playfully say that a Star Wars film isn’t in the cards.At least, for the time being.

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