SXSW Review: Bad Lucky Goat

Solar Cinema

One busted truck, one dead goat, one weird ride.

After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father’s truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey of reconciliation.”

An on the road/coming of age charmer, Bad Lucky Goat is far from predictable because it doesn’t seem to follow any known rules. Set in a quaint Caribbean island community, teenage resident “Corn” is seen earning money for his island band by scouting speed traps for unsuspecting commuters.  Corn is sent out in the family pickup with his older sister Rita to obtain the supplies needed for the upcoming tourist season.  Along the way, tragedy strikes. The tragedy is the truck.  The strike-ee is a bearded goat.

And so the adventure begins.

After the impact, Corn and Rita are left with a damaged truck they can’t take home and a dead goat they can’t leave behind. What comes next is a strangely entertaining ride of barters, sales, mishaps & general tomfoolery, all in the hope of getting rid of the goat, getting the truck repaired, and getting back home.

The island backdrop is stunnng, the weather is beautiful, and there’s Corn and Rita, fussing and fighting to no end, trying to get out of the trouble they’ve found themselves in.  The dialogue fits and the young first-time actors provide authentic performances.  While much of the film is comedic, aspects of drama are allowed to sink in as appropriate.

An unexpected surprise, Bad Lucky Goat is energetic and spry, sporadic yet thoughtful.

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