Superman Joins The CW’s Winter Crossover & Lois Lane Is Coming With Him

Courtesy of The CW

The CW’s biggest event of the year just keeps on getting bigger. Of course, a few weeks back we were discussing the casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, but now things are in a whole other stratosphere. Superman is now going to be part of the fold. That’s right Tyler Hoechlin is donning the red & blue of DC comic’s most popular superhero. Yet he isn’t alone this time. Turns out, Lois Lane will feature in the event as well. No actress has been cast in the role yet, but you can be sure it will be a big announcement, whenever it’s filled.

For the past couple years The CW’s line-up of superhero programming, dubbed the “Arrowverse”,  has made a big splash with cross-over events. Long a staple of comics, the tv variation may not have the budget of say Infinity Wars, but still manages to cram the same fun and stakes, within a 3-ish hour time frame. This year looks to be no different, placing a focus on the 3 main shows: Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. Strangely absent from the slate is the Legends From Tomorrow gang, who were featured in last years even, “Crisis on Earth X”. Although, to be fair, the people who are replacing them aren’t exactly slouches.

While no story has been revealed yet, it’s kind of hard to imagine a story that involves both Superman and Batwoman not being gigantic. Could the Multiverse hang in the balance. Are strange things brewing in Gotham? Whatever will happen, we’ll have to twiddle our thumbs and tap our toes for a bit, as the big crossover isn’t till December. The 9th-11th to be exact. That should give you plenty of time to set your DVRs, mark your calendars or set a dozen alarms.

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