‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Gets A Big Trailer & A Bearded Spock

Does anyone have CBS All Acess? That may sounds like a down way to start a news story, but it’s a genuine question. Wasn’t sure if things were at the “everyone shares a Netflix password” stage of things over there. There must be enough people subscribing because Star Trek: Discovery is getting a second season. Proof of this? A rather engaging and exciting trailer dropped yesterday at the New York Comic Con. Take a peek.

I’ll admit to having not seen the first season, outside of an initial trailer, but this has a different tone to it. It feels as if Alex Kurtzman is taking a bit from every series, as well as the movies, and putting them into a blender. That’s not necessarily a negative, as what’s on display here looks to be compelling and intriguing. Also seeing that the season gets wrapped up in 13 episodes, is an added plus. Take a look at most programs that adhere to the old ideal of 20-25 episodes and you see a dip in content. This move goes against what CBS usually embraces.

On the new element front you’ve got Rebecca Romijn as the Discovery‘s new number one, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike and Ethan Speck as (bearded) Spock. From the trailer is looks like more space fun is coming viewer’s way. As is the mystery surround whatever the Red Angel seems to be. Also of interest is Michelle Yeoh, who is shown reprising her “mirror world” variation of Philippa Georgiou, now a recruit of the secretive Section 31. Longtime Trek fans who may not be up to date on the series, know that organization has a prickly past with Starfleet and the universe as a whole.

That brings up the part that has me most interested in watching Discovery. Even if just out of morbid curiosity. The last couple of takes on Star Trek, be they tv (Enterprise) or theatrical (Into Darkness) have placed a premium on paying lip service to the past. That’s highlighted here with the aforementioned inclusion of Pike and Spock. The general gist being, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Should the show be as thrilling as the trailer (including a few bumps), that may be able to sway some people still on the fence. More subscribers means a potentially better show. In the long run.

In this case, dear readers, your opinion is important. Does this new trailer instill you with hope for Star Trek Discovery? Is the first season very much worth checking out? Do you care if a Star Trek series engages in fan service? Let us know in the comments below, it’s important this time. The second season premieres on CBS All Access on January 17th. With new episodes dropping weekly. Perfect, as that gives everyone plenty of time to ponder what’s going on with young bearded Spock here.


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