Warner Brother Releases New “IT” Poster and Teases New Trailer at Fan Event

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers held a fan event last night that included a screening of “Annabelle: Creation”, new clips from “IT” along with a trailer AND a clip from “The Conjuring” spinoff “The Nun.”

It was a lot to take in and each reveal was more impressive than the next.

No word yet on if the trailer will be released to the public during San Diego Comic-Con but it amped up the creep factor times ten. Agressive, creepy and a spiral into madness is how I would describe the trailer that was scored with a distorted voice-over of “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.” We also had a chance to hear Pennywise for the first time has he peered out from a sewer drain.

If that wasn’t enough we got our first look at “The Nun” that JUST wrapped filming. The clip Taissa Farmiga wandering around a what appeared to be a covenant filled with nuns but one isn’t quite right. In fact, she was an unholy terror!

Lastly the event culminated with an advance screening of “Annabelle: Creation” that is currently “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes. Let me just say it lived up to the hype. Full review coming soon but if you saw the first Annabelle and have some reserve about seeing the prequel – push that fear aside and replace it with actually fear. Jump scares, tense moments and potentially for yet another spinoff filled the screen.

While we don’t have the new “IT” trailer just yet we do have a new teaser poster for the film. More details when we get the trailer!

If you are at SDCC you can check out the “IT” off-site VR Experience at Petco Park!

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