SDCC: Stranger Things Are Happening at Comic-Con – Join the Hunt

If you are like us we loved growing up on films like, ET, Monster Squad and Alien. The new Netflix Original Strangers Things captures all of those and much more in their new hit series. After an intense game of D&D in the basement of their parents house a group of kids head home for the night anxious to pick the game up where they left off. Unfortunately one of those kids, Will Byers, did not make it home. The community searches to try and find the missing boy – but his friends may hold the key to his true whereabouts.

Now, we are bringing the hunt to you at San Diego Comic-Con. Boom Howdy has teamed up with Rotten Rentals to create 10 faux Stranger Things VHS Case full of vintage trading cards, buttons, stickers and mini action figures. An 80’s monster kids dream come true!

All week during SDCC (Thursday – Saturday) we will be posting clues on Twitter of the whereabouts of our VHS Packs randomly planted in downtown San Diego and inside the convention center! Join the scavenger hunt by tagging us in your photos (@BoomHowdy) and using the hashtag #StrangeHunt to ask us questions! If you find a VHS pack tag us / hashtag us and let us know so your fellow hunters can start looking for the next VHS. Remember if you find a VHS inside the convention center at a booth tell them #StrangeHunt to claim your prize.

Check out the VHS Pack below – crammed full of awesome items from the 80’s and 90’s.

stranger_thing_prize_packs IMG_8848

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