SDCC: Hold Onto Your Fishnets and Watch a New ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Trailer

FOX released a Comic-Con treat for fans of  The Rocky Horror Picture. We get another look at the re-imagining of a cult classic with a new cast. It’s paying homage to the original but putting a new spin on it and embracing the midnight screenings fans have been celebrating for years. It’s the first trailer FOX has released for their new horror show since May. So it was long overdue.

If you look closely, you’ll actually catch glimpses of all the characters from the original: Magenta, Columbia, a totally ripped and oiled-up Rocky, Eddie, and Dr. Everett von Scott. Of course the fan favorite being Tim Curry!

If you are at San Diego Comic-Con swing by the FX lawn and you can experience Rocky Horror first hand.


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