Scott Adkins & Louis Mandylor Get The Band Back Together In This Trailer For ‘Debt Collectors’

Image Courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films

Just a couple years ago, a small flick, called The Debt Collector, wound up on our doorstep. Scott Adkins VOD action films are a dime a dozen, but this one was different. Instead of more of the same, it felt like it was cut from the same cloth of Walter Hill’s buddy films of the 80’s. While the surrounding pieces of the film were shaky, there was no denying pairing Louis Mandylor and Adkins together was a masterstroke. Apparently others agree, as a sequel, Debt Collectors, is heading our way. Here’s the trailer to prove it.




Though you might not need an official synopsis for this one, we’re still providing it:

“A pair of debt collectors are thrust into an explosively dangerous situation, chasing down various lowlifes while also evading a vengeful kingpin.”

That’s certainly a trailer that knows exactly who it’s catering to. Starting out with a prolonged fight sequence. Then backing into a throw away joke referencing the end of the previous film. Pure perfection. As rudimentary as the story feels here, there’s palpable excitement from seeing Adkins and Mandylor joke with each other. There’s what feels like a stronger focus on shootouts and fights here, than before. Although, the first film would have led you to believe that too. There was a level of pathos and weariness (specially in Mandylor’s performance) you wouldn’t really expect. With Jesse V. Johnson (Triple Threat) returning to direct the film, it can go any number of ways.

Were you all thrilled by the trailer? Are you always willing to plunk down a few dollars to see a Scott Adkins film? Did you see The Debt Collector? If not, now is the perfect time to rent it. While it wasn’t going to win any awards, it presented a different kind of Adkins flick. Something he’s been sure to toss in the mix, every few years. Hopefully Debt Collectors keeps what make the first outing a lot of fun and tightens some of the script issues, at the same time. You can find out for yourself, when it hits VOD everywhere and Blu-ray, on May 29.

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