Robert Englund May Be Interested in One More Freddy Krueger Film

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Robert Englund may be 71 years old, but the actor is still working hard than most. He has been a fixture in lower budget horror films and voice acting for years. This month he will also reprise his most iconic role when he brings the Springwood Slasher to an episode of the ABC sit-com ‘The Goldbergs’.

While promoting his appearance in the show, he gave a few interesting quote regarding new Nightmare on Elm Street films and his role in them. Englund said:

I think they want to reboot the franchise, but they’re gonna need a new actor. They’re gonna need a new actor to play Freddy because they’re gonna have to do eight of them. I might have one left in me…

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If the studio were only thinking about rebooting it, the box office returns on David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween’ have certainly helped them make up their mind. There’s simply too much money in rebooting these classic slashers. However, once all the reboots get sequels and we get more and more of them, you do have to wonder if they will still be as profitable.

There’s also the Jackie Earl Haley of it all. The Oscar nominated actor might not have been in a great film, but his version of Freddy Krueger was solid I would have liked to see where the actor could have taken the character in future films.

Everything else aside, this is exciting news. More so than any other slasher film, Freddy Krueger and the actor that portrayed him are forever tied to each other. This is obviously due to Krueger being the most charismatic and vocal of the 80’s serial killers. It could create potential problems down the road as far as how you’d replace the actor, but I would kill (or at least terrorize dreams) to get one more ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ starring Robert Englund.

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