Rejoice! The (Presumably) Final ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer Has Been Unleashed!

Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment/ Warner Bros.

DC’s big “virtual” fan event convention, Fandome, is underway as we speak and naturally that means there’s a few pieces of news that will eek out. As we sift through all the noise, there’s been an immediate saving grace: a new trailer. A trailer for a movie that’s more than a little anticipated. As this is likely to be the final trailer, before Wonder Woman 1984 finally comes out, it’s packed with exciting bits. See for yourself!



Before jumping into the slight breakdown of that footage, here’s the very short official synopsis:

“Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing two all-new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah.”

It can’t be overstated what a joy it is to see Wonder Woman in action. A little over 8 months has gone by since the we got the first trailer. Which, in 2020 terms, was 3 years ago. The bright poppy colors? Kristen Wiig strutting and creating an interesting villain? The return of Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) fanny pack? Everything director & co-writer Patty Jenkins and the marketing team are tossing out there is a joy. What it all amounts to? Who cares! Pedro Pascal is in the background playing a cross between a Bond villain and a cartoon character (from what we can tell). You’ve even got flashbacks to Diana’s (Gal Gadot) childhood on Themyscira. Simply put, there’s something here to get everyone excited. If 15 minutes of the film are dedicated to Pine trying on 80’s outfits, this could be the 4th highest grossing movie of all time.

The best thing about the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer has nothing to do with what’s seen above. It’s the reminder that this film will be hitting theaters in a few months. That seems like a win in and of itself.  Just having a film of that caliber and budget will do wonders (sorry) for the box office and hopefully usher in a strong finish to 2020. Wonder Woman 1984 lassos into theaters on October 2nd, 2020. Fingers crossed.

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