Oscars Searching For New Host After Kevin Hart Drops Out

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Well that was quick. Just days after a crisis seemed like it was being averted, with the Oscars finally landing a host for 2019, it’s back to the drawing board. That’s because Kevin Hart has decided to vacate the position. A decision reached after decade old homophobic jokes made on Twitter were brought into question, earlier on Thursday. Hart made his announcement via that same social media platform, hours later.

The decision came somewhat suddenly. Not that it came at all, the situation Hart was in, after all was a delicate one. Just hours before taking to Twitter, he was on Instagram addressing the situation he was now in, while faced with an ultimatum.

For those unable to view the video, Hart states the Academy has called him, asking him to apologize for his past comments or step down from hosting. Launching into an impassioned rant, Hart lays out why he’s passing on apologizing. Most of which concerns having addressed said comments in the past, as well as, being a different person now. There’s a level of sympathy to be garnered from the statement, given the way that he’s carrying himself. Yet the words feel somewhat hollow, holding back an anger at the situation, he’d rather not be involved with.

Now, the Academy of Motion Arts & Sciences is forced to not only search for a new compatible host, but also conduct a deep vetting process, before February 24th. If trying to fill the role was difficult before, it just became rather difficult. Unless something magical occurs, expect a somewhat bland host doing a manageable job, just to ensure things keep moving on schedule. So, on the bright side, there’s a chance 2019’s Oscars may clock in well under three hours.

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