Oscar Isaac Captures the Deadliest Nazi in New ‘Operation Finale’ Trailer


Yesterday, MGM released the final trailer for ‘Operation Finale’. The film is based on the capture of Adolph Eichmann, who was Nazi officer placed in charge of the concentration camps during the holocaust. This story centers on Isaac and his Mossad team finding the Nazi Lieutenant in Argentina and attempting to bring him back to Israel to be tried for his crimes against humanity. Check out the trailer below:

I think this looks excellent and gives a good idea of the challenges everyone faced in carrying out of this mission. There’s Isaac’s desire to take justice in his own hands. There’s the difficulty in getting Eichmann out of Argentina, a country known for being the home of former Nazi’s after World War II. All of these things suggest a very tense docudrama experience in the vain of ‘Munich’ & ‘Argo’.

The film stars the previously mentioned Oscar Isaac who looks be doing great work. Ben Kingsley also stars as Eichmann, whose performance seems to be dripping with the “Banality of Evil” and “Good German” attitude that Eichmann became famous for espousing at his trial. Rounding out the cast are Inglourious Basterd’s Melanie Laurent, Nick Kroll and Lior Rez. The film is directed by Chris Weitz of American Pie and Twilight: New Moon fame. A surprising choice to be sure, however given Weitz’s family history (having two grandparents escaper Nazi Germany) I would imagine this was a very passionate and personal project for him to direct. ‘Operation Finale’ comes out August 29, 2018 after being pushed up almost a month due to positive test screenings.

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