New Star Wars Cantina Will Bring Something Entirely New to Disneyland

Courtesy of Lucasfilm/Disney

In 2019 the ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge‘ expansion will debut at Disneyland. The themed area was announced at D23 in 2015 and will replace Big Thunder Ranch, because no one cares about western themed petting zoos. The new exhibit will also replace ‘The Streets of America’ on the Disney’s Hollywood Studios side of the park. This is great news as I can already walk down American streets. You know what I can’t do? Eat a funnel cake next to a wookie on one of the forest moons of Endor.

There will also be a cantina in this new ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Outpost which promises something never before experience in Disneyland. Booze. Oga’s Cantina, as it’s called, will serve fun drinks to children and “libations for adults”. When the park opens it will be a day long remembered.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm/Disney

I am sure they have over-serving policies in place at Disneyland. Which they should. However the chance of having a nice buzz about you and running into Boba Fett seems like every grown-up child’s dream. Who among us hasn’t been played with their Hasbro or Kenner action figures, looked at the Death Star Gunner and thought, “One day I will have a space piña colada with him”?

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