‘Ghostbusters’ Posters Show Off the New Team and an Old Friend

Today we got three new posters from the official Ghostbusters Twitter account. The first poster revealed was Kristin Wiig as her  straight-laced and professional character, Erin Gilbert. The particle physicist of the group, Gilbert can be seen in the trailer getting covered in slime by a library ghost. The second poster features the sassy and brilliant nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzman, portrayed by Kate McKinnon. The final poster features a screaming Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) and her memorable “The Power of Patty compels you” quote from the trailer.

GBwiigGBmckinGB1Director Paul Feig said of the all-female team of Ghostbusters that he has assembled for the film were fully intended to be “badass”. The trailer didn’t let fans forget that the film still has its roots planted firmly in the grounds of comedy, a task that Feig and the seasoned comedic cast is more than qualified to handle.

We also got a sneak peek at the Empire magazine cover featuring the ghost with the most, Slimer!

Empire coverThe unearthly new issue hits all newsagents – run by shopkeepers both dead and alive – on Thursday April 28. Subscribers’ copies will be with you any day now. Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters arrives in cinemas on July 15.

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