Netflix Reveals A Tantalizing Teaser Poster For New ‘Sabrina’ Series

Archie Horror/Archie Comics

By nature, teaser posters are usually not the most exciting things in the know universe. Usually they are bandied about to advertise a property that’s either far from being released, or a reminder of something a testy public wasn’t on-board with, from the start. What they can do is set both and tone and mood from what’s to come. Furthermore, they stand a chance to send an anxious potential fan base into a hysterical tizzy.

Such is the case with the gloriously simple, but intoxicating 1st poster for the upcoming Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Take a look below and imagine how great this would look on your wall.

© Netflix

That is ten shades of beautiful. If at the same time you happen to be scratching your head, wondering what the show is about, shame on you. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a TV adaptation of the comic series put out by Archie Horror. Yes, that would be the Horror-centric arm of Archie Comics. It’s part of a rather successful run the publisher has had in the last decade that also includes the likes of Afterlife With Archie. For those of you rolling your eyes, it’s highly recommended you give both series a read before judging too harshly.

The hotly anticipated Netflix series has picked up a fair bit of steam the last few months. Back in April a photo appeared on Twitter officially announcing the title of the show, as well as showing off Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) in the lead role. Since then a number of other cast members have been revealed, including Lucy Davis (The Office UK), Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings), Richard Coyle (Coupling) and even Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers). If that weren’t tantalizing enough,this is being produced by Greg Berlanti & showrun by Roberto Aguirre-Sacas. The two previously teamed up for The CW’s Riverdale, which has even gone as far as referencing Sabrina’s home of Greendale. Though don’t go expecting a cross-over anytime soon.

Netflix is charging full steam ahead on the project, committing initially to two seasons (20 episodes total) that are being filmed back to back. While no release date has been indicated so far, expect to see it before the end of the year. You can be sure we’ll have another in-depth update once that information comes to light. In the meantime, what do you all make of the poster? Do you like the mood it invokes? Does the cast get you overexcited? Or is it the promise that the show will be all kinds of wicked and blood soaked fun have you gnashing at the bit? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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