Netflix Has Already Given Robert Rodriguez The Greenlight For A ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Sequel

Image Courtesy of Netflix

With people being stuck at home and investing in streaming more than ever before, Netflix saw a massive uptick in 2020. As such, they felt it was only fair to reveal how popular some of their shows were. Wouldn’t you know it, but over the last couple weeks, the number #1 kids film, in 88 countries, was a Robert Rodriguez film. Those of you scratching your heads right now clearly haven’t heard of We Can Be Heroes. You better become familiar, as there’s now a sequel in the works. If history yells us anything though, Rodriguez prolly won’t be content with just one more.



Again, if you’re somewhat in the dark about all this, allow us to explain. We Can Be Heroes is the self-contained seuqel to The Adventure of Sharkboy & Lavagirl (in 3-D) that premiered Christmas Day, on Netflix. The film sees earth’s mightiest Heros, the Heroics, kidnapped by purple Aliens. Their only hope? Their slightly wonkily powered children. It’s weird, it’s cheaply made and oddly charming. In other words it’s the more unrestrained Robert Rodriquez movie imaginable. Since it’s aimed at kids, it all works perfectly. The fact that Netflix is so gung ho to get a sequel off the ground means by Christmas 2021, it could be released. Sooner, if Rodriguez is feeling a little antsy or spicy. That’s what happens when your movie company is essentially in your backyard and you love doing everything yourself.

What seems wild about all this news, is how it plays into Rodriguez’s overall career. An upstart who broke onto the scene with a scrappy little shoestring film, he’s constantly tinkerings, regardless of budget or studio backing. We Can Be Heroes might be packed with charm, but the DIY aesthetics feel chintzy. For any other director who has this as their follow up to a $200 mil picture (2019’s Alita:Battle Angel) and an episode of The Mandalorian, it would seem like a step back. Here? It’s standard operating procedure and keeps Rodriguez in a place where he seems creatively happy. At the same time, that means you should get ready for another 4 of these films, within the decade. Maybe there will even be a Spy Kids crossover in there, eventually. The leads of the original film are old enough to have tykes of their own, right?

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