Netflix Announces Stranger Things Season 2 Release Date in Super Bowl Teaser


The Netflix Original Series “Stranger Things” was the breakout hit of 2016. It become a tasty retro throwback to the 80’s mashed up with so many films we loved. I binged watched it in the first 24 hours and was left wanting more. The undeniable success lead immediately to season 2 rumors which were confirmed pretty quickly.

Late last summer Netflix gave us a tease of what season 2 had in store for us when they released all the episode titles that left us intrigued. Now we get finally have our first look at what is in store for us die hard fans.

What did we learn from the teaser? Well we get to see a sweet retro EGGO commercial which is a nice call back to Eleven and season 1. We also know Eleven is definitely coming back in some capacity. This was no surprise. The Duffer brothers (creators) dropped that detail awhile ago.

The Hawkins AV Club is sporting some sweet Ghostbusters jumpsuits – which makes a lot of sense considering Ghostbusters would have been all the rage (and let’s be honest, still is.)

The trailer also reveals “the world is turning upside down.” Sources close to the show said that while the Demogorgon had been defeated, the evil had not.

The teaser doesn’t give us much but is a nice fix for Stranger Things fans. We have to wait until Halloween to binge the second season so start planning your watch parties now!

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