Neill Blomkamp Launches New Experimental Studio OATS

OATS Studio

A few days ago filmmaker Neill Blomkamp released a teaser for his newest project. It’s not a new film. It’s not a concept for the next Alien film. It might be better than that. Blomkamp is the creative mind behind District 9 and Elysium. Rumors hit the internet that he may get a crack at the Alien franchise when concept sketches showed up online. Unfortunately and unfairly that has been squashed.

What rises from the ashes is a new incredible platform from Blomkamp in the form of a new studio called OATS. The teaser features several short films that look absolutely bonkers in the best way possible. The first release are Experimental Short Films: Volume 1. Packing some star power with Dakota Fanning and Sigourney Weaver. If all goes well with Volume 1 we may see a volume 2. Beyond that my hope is to see some of these shorts come to life on the big screen.

Until then you will be able to check out all these shorts free on YouTube. If you want to support the cause you can paid for Volume 1 on the Steam platform. The paid version will include additional assets like concept art, 3D models, VFX content, and more.

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