NBC Set to Reboot ‘The Munsters’


NBC has announced that a new Munsters show is in development from Seth Meyers. NBC previously tried to remake the series a few years ago with ‘Mockingbird Lane’ from Bryan Fuller in an attempt that never got past the pilot stage. I’m not sure why NBC feels this project is what the world is clamoring for, but they’re going to make it happen someway, somehow. The original series aired in the 60’s and was never a huge rating hit. The only thing I can figure is that its most recent syndication boom was in the 90’s during Nick-at-Nite, and we’re a culture desperate to remember those simpler times.

The new Munsters will be closer in tone to the original than Fuller’s odd reimagining was. It will follow the family as they attempt to deal with a new hipster filled brooklyn. Some people online are deadset against this project, and I will be the first to admit this doesn’t sound great. But I think we all might be looking back at the show through black-and-white colored glasses. This isn’t like we’re suddenly bringing back Roseanne. What’s that? Oh, God…

On paper this does sound like a really bad idea, but I like Seth Meyers quite a bit. I think he’s best voice in late night right now and I don’t think he’d pursue a project like this if he didn’t at least think he had a funny concept. Add to that the fact that the talented Jill Kargman (Odd Mom Out) is one of the writers for the new series, and there’s a chance this will end up being a delightful half hour of television every week.

SOURCE: Deadline.com

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