NBC to Reboot ‘The Office’

NBC is planning on rebooting ‘The Office’ and bringing everyone they can back to the Scranton Business Park. The renewed desire to get the series off the ground apparently comes from the success NBC has seen in the ‘Will & Grace’ relaunch that happened earlier this year. NBC and Universal hope for the show to be a mixture of both new cast members and returning favorites. This new incarnation will be a little different than “Will & Grace’ though, as we already know Steve Carell will not be returning as Michael Scott. One would also have to wonder if John Krasinski would be coming back as Jim Halpert, given his burgeoning movie career and new life playing a buff Jack Ryan for Amazon.The Office, NBC, Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson‘The Office’ came into all of our lives as a mid-season replacement in 2005. The show was an Americanized version of the beloved Ricky Gervais vehicle. It was brought to life and shepherded through its 201 episodes by ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Simpson’s’ veteran Greg Daniels. The show was the anchor of NBC’s famous Thursday night lineup in the late 2000’s and helped launch the career of Steve Carrell (who left the show towards the end of season 7).The Office, NBC, Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson

This idea could definitely work, but I think we’re ignoring all the ways that this is different that the “Will & Grace’ reboot inspiring it. That show had all the major principle players come back, which will definitely not be the case here. I think mixing old and new cast members could just serve as a reminder of what isn’t there. It’d feel too similar to season 8 and 9 for me. Those episodes had their moments but also possessed a noticeable, Michael Scott sized hole in them. I think the best course of action for NBC would be to recast it all, try and find the next Steve Carell to play the next Michael Scott and see if you can get lightning to strike twice. Let us know what you think, Does an office reboot excite you? Or should we leave well enough alone?

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