Dave Bautista Can’t Catch A Break As ‘My Spy’ Gets Delayed Again, Until April

My Spy
Image Courtesy Of STX Entertainment

When you’re a mountain of a man like Dave Bautista, the world seems like it should be your oyster. Specially when you’ve been in numerous high profile films. The former WWE champion has co-starred in the likes of Guardians of The Galaxy, Skyfall and Blade Runner 2049. What he hasn’t had, is his big breakout headlining role, yet. That was supposed to happen with My Spy, in 2019. Then it got pushed back to January 2020. And then to March 13th. Well, it appears he’s going to have to wait a bit longer.

In an unexpected (and rather strange) move, the official Twitter account for My Spy alerted everyone to the following on Monday:

What makes this strange, is not only pulling the film days before intended release, but that it’s already come out in Australia. The logical deduction is that My Spy is the latest casualty of coronavirus concerns and how it would impact the box office. For a major blockbuster, it would be expected. For a family friendly (albeit PG-13) feature, it seems a tad odd.

Chalk it all up to distributor STX. As has been discussed here before, the company tries to market itself as a wider reaching Blumhouse. They make several films a year with a modest to lower budget. If one or a few of them turns a profit, it helps fund their next slate of films. Occasionally, they hit upon a Hustlers type release, which ends up doing far better than expected. It’s hard to say if they view My Spy as that kind of film, but fans of Bautista will have to wait just a tad longer, to see if it has any magic tricks up its sleeves. We’ll find out in about a month. Unless it gets delayed yet again. The old saying goes “4th times the charm”, right?

As we await the actual release date to happen, here’s a clip, to let you know what you’re missing out on:

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