Movie Musical Chairs – Part 10,191: Warner Bros. Joins The Herd & Removes ‘Dune’ From The 2020 Calendar

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Anytime these big movie release date change occurs, it’s both expected and a sad reminder of how chaotic 2020 has been. If the No Time To Die move over the weekend seemed suprising at all, it shouldn’t. It’s but the first of a domino effect that will continue throughout October. The first big indication of which pertains to Warner Bros. and Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune.

After some rumbling started throughout the blogosphere, the rumor became true that Dune is moving from December to October 1st of 2021. The same date The Batman currently occupies. “Current” being the operative word. It’s something some had expected since Warner Bros. had moved Wonder Woman recently to December. Industry insiders didn’t think the studio wanted to gamble with 2 films so close together. Not with what the box office is currently. Of course, the wild element to all this is that we’re talking about the company that was hellbent on getting Tenet out on the biggest screens possible. Maybe this is an indication that they’re happier waiting till things are safer and therefore more profitable.

The whole reason this is important news, is the gap in big big films that it leaves. While most equate the end of the year with prestige award pictures, there’s also several blockbusters that get in on the action. Losing two of those tentpole spots, in a handful of days is major. The aforementioned Wonder Woman is one of the few noteworthy AAA titles in that landscape. Free Guy, Death On The Nile and Coming 2 America still currently on the slate. Of them, the Eddie Murphy led sequel to the 1988 hit, has a potential to jump to VOD. Simply because it’s the type of thing everyone would easily plunk down $20 to check out. As soon as more shuffling and scrambling occurs, you can expect yet another one of these articles.

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