Mondo Presents: No Longer/ Not Yet, A Tribute to Richard Linklater


I was lucky enough to be invited to a VIP opening at the coveted Mondo Gallery while at SXSW. To say I love the work that comes out of this gallery is an understatement. I jokingly tell people often that I am going to have to buy a bigger house just to display all of my Mondo prints because I have an art buying problem. It was great to see some Austin friends and look at some incredible art work all inspired by Richard Linklater’s films. The exhibit was called No Longer/ Not Yet: A tribute to Richard Linklater and it was full of artwork based on some of my favorite films. As I walked around the tiny but mighty gallery I got to see posters for Dazed and Confused, Scanner Darkly, A Waking Life, his new film Everybody Wants Some and many others.


It was a little difficult to juggle my Austin brewed beer and my phone as I tried to add up the money I was surely going to spend but I managed. A few of the guys from Everybody Wants Some showed up to talk about the movie and hang out and it was a great time. A Nice little party away from the craziness of 6th street and the SXSW. If you find yourself in Austin and have a chance to stop by the gallery I highly suggest it especially if you are a movie fan. At the very least check them out at to see the on going Richard Linklater tribute. Now if you would excuse me, I need to make some room on my walls.

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