Michael B. Jordan Set To Star As The Ultimate Hitman In ‘The Silver Bear’

Image Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Michael B. Jordan picks movie parts, the way most people shop for cereal. He finds one he really likes, but grabs another three to four, just to keep things diverse. No one’s complaining at all. More of Jordan in feature films will never be a bad thing. Yesterday, Deadline reported that he may have just snagged himself a viable franchise, in a project called The Silver Bear.

The film is based off the first book in a series of four, written by Derek Haas. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the scribe behind Wanted, 2007’s 3:10 To Yuma, as well as the creator of NBC’s Chicago based shows. Frank Baldwin, writer of the up-coming Liam Neeson snowplow action movie (not a joke) Cold Pursuit, will be adapting the novel.

Here’s the plot concerning Jordan’s character, Columbus:

“..an assassin who is so effective he becomes what Russian criminals call a silver bear: he never fails, and he seems immune to the stresses of his work. But he comes up against his own nightmarish origins when he takes on the job of killing the Speaker of the House, who is also a leading presidential candidate—and Columbus’ father”

Fairly standard story line. As far as it concerns hired guns getting mixed up in political machinations. Doesn’t matter as Michael B. Jordan has earned enough good will so far in his career, that he can have a mediocre credit to his name. Unless of course Creed II stakes that claim first. While assassin films are usually a dime a dozen, the last decade has seen several tweaks to the genre to keep it fresh. John Wick is partially to thank for that. The idea of Jordan putting an even fresher spin on things, doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

The film is set up to be produced by Lionsgate, though no director has been announced yet. Just last month Jordan also landed the coveted role of John Clark, in a film based the Without Remorse book by Tom Clancy. It remains to be seen which of these two properties gets made first, but expect a race. Jordan is in high demand and there’s no sign of that lessening up. Chances are that The Silver Bear gets the jump, as he’s not only starring in the film, but also on-board as a producer.

Are you game for a Michael B. Jordan action assassin film? Does Columbus sound a little on the nose for a killer set up to take out a political figure? Most of all, who is your favorite hired killer character in a movie? Let us know in the comments. As more information and casting becomes available, we’ll update you. Hopefully along the way we get a couple cool training videos, like the ones Keanu Reeves gave us for John Wick 2.

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