‘Knives Out’ Cast Keeps Getting Better and Better

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We’ve talked about Rian Johnson‘s new murder mystery, ‘Knives Out‘ before. Although in the last few weeks it’s gone from an intriguing whodunit starring Daniel Craig to what I can only assume will be one of the best films of 2019. First off, you’ll have Johnson fresh off his brilliant work in ‘The Last Jedi’. In that film he showed his ability to make kind of revisionist Star Wars story. The idea of him applying the same kind of thought to the mystery genre is exciting. This also sounds like it could end up being ‘Brick’ with a budget, which is equally exciting.

The other big reason to get excited for this film is it’s ever expanding cast. A couple weeks ago, we found out that Chris Evans has joined the project. This will mark the actors first role since escaping leaving the MCU.

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The past couple of days have also brought two huge additions to ‘Knives Out‘. Lakeith Stanfield of ‘Atlanta’ & ‘Sorry to Bother You’ is officially signed on. He’s one of the most exciting young actors working lately, so this exciting news. The cherry on top of all this is the rumors that Micheal Shannon will be joining the mystery film. Shannon is one of my favorite working actors so the idea of him reading Rian Johnson dialogue is a dream come true. All in all, ‘Knives Out’ is making all the right moves so far.

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