Keanu Reeves To Battle Himself…. At The Box Office

Lionsgate Premiere

May 21,2021. A day that shall live in both infamy and legend. The reason is simple. Two movies both want to be released on that day. The only problem? They’re both the 4th entry in two very popular Keanu Reeves film series. That’s right, The Matrix 4 & John Wick 4 are both eyeing that day to unleash their latest sights upon the world. The only question is: which of the two studio is likely blinks?

Here’s the thing: we’re at a point in filmdom where the idea of 2 giant AAA Keanu Reeves battling for box office success is exciting. Furthermore, it just cements people will go to the theater twice as much that weekend! How do we know? People are curious to pick up a video game that co-stars Keanu Reeves! They’re also celebrating him for being with an age appropriate woman!

While the man has never really gone away in his career, he’s absolutely on fire currently. So until he commits a truly heinous crime, one is unearthed from his past or he goes on a murder spree, people want to be in the Reeves business. Out of the two films though, Wick is the franchise with a larger claim to the date, with 2 previous entries having been released in May. Nevertheless, whatever happens will be fantastic. In a perfect world, they go head to head and people rejoice and all is right in the world. However, things of that nature don’t always come to pass. You know, with all that money on the line.

In this matter it comes down to you all, the fans. The ones who will plunk down your hard earned money and decide what should rule the day. With that in mind, make sure to take to the comment section and let us know which you plan to see. Are you willing to pull a double feature and see both? Any other dormant characters you’d like to see get a new life?

Keep your eyes tuned here as we plan on keeping you up to date on the release date. As well as any and all developments for The Matrix 4 and John Wich 4. Either way, 2021 is shaping up early, to be a heck of a year.

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