Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell To Star in ‘Force Majure’ Remake

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We report a lot here on movie remakes. That’s largely because, as long as filmmaking has been a popular part of society, so has been remaking movies. Sometimes it was the move from silent to sound that caused it. Or a shift in genre. We’re so overwhelmed by it these days, simply due to the fact that the movies getting that treatment are more well known, than past counterparts. The part that gets lost in the mix, is just how many remakes are Americanized versions of International films. Blame it on people’s timidity when it comes to reading subtitles. Yesterday Deadline broke the latest film going this route is Ruben Ostlund’s 2014 BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated Force Majeure. Turns out Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell will be taking on the lead roles.

Now, the funny piece to all this, is only part of the news is, well, new. Louis-Dreyfus has actually been attached to the project since 2015, when Fox Searchlight first acquired the rights to the Swedish film. While three years is a long time to go without updates, it stands to reason that her commitment to Veep, as well as a battle with breast cancer are what put it on hold. Possibly making this a passion project for her. The article also lists the film, which will be titled Downhill, has secured Oscar winners Nat Faxon & Jim Rash to direct. Ferrell is the big addition here, which almost certainly guarantees more people may seek the film out.

Here’s the synopsis for those of you who may have missed watching the original:

“The biting comedy will chart how a narrow avalanche escape during a ski vacation in the Alps throws a seemingly picture-perfect family into disarray as they are forced to reevaluate life, and how they truly feel about each other.”

Ostlund’s feature was a hit overseas and helped launch his career. Last year he followed up with The Square. Which gobbled up numerous accolades, while also dividing audiences. So there will already be built-in interest here. Force Majeure is one of the best black comedies of the last decade, so it will be interesting to direction is taken. The struggles and topics covered therein are universal, meaning the only thing likely to change is tone or delivery. That’s why Faxon and Rash’s involvement is the key to which way Downhill leans. They both worked with Fox Searchlight before having scripted The Descendants. As well as writing and directing The Long Long Way Back for the studio. Showing they can tackle comedy as well as the dramatic.

What do you all think? Are you ready for Ferrell to try his hand again at darker material? Have you seen the original film? What are some American remakes you bold would state are better than the foreign versions? Let us know in the comments. Well by spying on this one, from afar, with binoculars, as it isn’t set to start until production in 2019.

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