Jon Hamm & Ed Harris Will Feel the Need for Speed in ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and Lewis Pullman have all signed on to appear in ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘. The long awaited sequel to the 1986 classic will once again star our lord and savior Tom Cruise as Maverick. Val Kilmer will also be returning to the danger zone. Maverick and Iceman will star opposite Miles Teller (Whiplash), Glen Powell (Everybody Wants Some) & Jennifer Connelly (Requiem For a Dream); along with the newly added Hamm, Harris & Pullman.  Not much is known about the film at this point. We’ve gleaned that Cruise is back as a flight instructor and Teller is the son of Goose (Anthony Edwards). Other than that, we will have to wait until the first trailer.

Jon Hamm and Ed Harris both seem like great additions to the film. One can easily imagine Hamm playing Cruise’s rival or the government stooge trying to hold him back. Harris can play a grizzled pilot who’s “getting too old for this” in his sleep. I realize i’m just writing fan fiction now, but point stands that these two actors can easily and enjoyably slide into ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘.

Courtesy of Paramount

The idea of a Top Gun sequel, 32 years after the fact, may seems incredibly dumb. However, you cannot deny that this cast is shaping up to be incredibly solid. Director Joseph Kosinski seems like solid hand and has made good films before. Also, it’s always important to remember that Tom Cruise is the pinnacle of humanity and makes no mistakes.

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