John Krasinski is Leaving ‘A Quiet Place’ for a ‘Life on Mars’

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John Krasinski’s latest film is well on its way to being the breakout hit of the spring and now it appears he might have his next project lined up. It was reported today that Krasinski has optioned the short story ‘We Have Always Lived on Mars’ by Cecil Castellucci and will retitle his adaptation to ‘Life on Mars’. The story apparently follows a female colonist who lives on Mars as part of a terraforming mission after Earth has been abandoned. She discovers she can actually breathe on the Red Planet and the revelation threatens to “[Upend] her world and that of her fellow colonists.”

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that it was Krasinski that brought this project to Platinum Dunes and now Paramount is getting involved which would reunite the director with the companies behind ‘A Quiet Place’. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The idea of Krasinski taking on a sci-fi project is interesting, maybe even unexpected. However, the idea of the guy who made ‘The Hollars’ directing one of the most successful horror movies in years probably seemed pretty far fetched as well. Krasinski showed in third outing behind the camera that he should be an exciting filmmaker to watch going forward. Also in the vain of “don’t fix what isn’t broken”, the idea of Emily Blunt as the potential star of this is super exciting. She’s never not great and has an in with director. No word yet on when this will begin production but we’ll be following it closely.

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