Harrison Ford Has An Update On The Status Of ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Indiana Jones Smile
Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/Lucasfilm

Something you know are inevitable, but you shove to the back of your mind. Just the thought of it induces panic. Shopping for the holidays. A doctor or dentist appointment. Filing your taxes. It’s safe to say the release date of Indiana Jones 5 (July 9, 2021) fits along side those other examples. You know it’s coming up, but the less you have to think about it, the better. And then, Harrison Ford goes on national television, bringing it flooding right back.


Here’s the thing: the above is the news. That’s it. To a degree that’s both maddening and kind of impressive. In an age where social media, the news, carrier pigeons, you name it, seem to have common insider info at their finger tips, it’s quiet in this front. We aren’t sure who fully is in it. What it’s about. Where it will take place. Yet, it starts production in 2 months. It’s both immensely terrifying and rather exciting.

If there’s an element that sticks out in the short video, it’s Ford saying he feels obliged to make the film as ambitious as those years ago. Hopefully that a response to saying that this one will be better than Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. Then again, most filmmakers and actors should strive for that standard.

Are you excited by this small development? Do you think they should have cut their losses after the last one? Whick of the numerous abandoned scripts do you hope is used for the latest entry? Sound off down in the comments. We’ll be over here just twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the first trailer for the Untitled Indiana Jones 5 film. Which at this point could land mid-summer. Don’t worry Harrison Ford will have something for his “customers” to enjoy!

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