HBO Renews ‘Westworld’ For Season 2

In news everyone saw coming, HBO has given the greenlight for another season of “Westworld.”

HBO has been looking for something to transition away from Game of Thrones when it comes to an end and they may have just found the answer to that question. “Westworld” has a lot riding on its success as HBO looks to restock.

“It’s fantastic to have a broad-based cultural and ratings hit to build from,” Casey Bloys (New Programming President) said of “Westworld.” “That’s a great, great luxury.”

The show has become an instant hit with viewers who tune in each week to try and solve another piece of the puzzle-within-a-puzzle. Asking each week; “Okay, which one of you are god damn robots!?” For those of you that don’t know Westworld features a resort where humanized robots cater to the out-there whims of high-end patrons. Bloys said the fan obsession that “Westworld” has generated organically through social media and podcasts has been a pleasant surprise.
“The level of detail that people devote to thinking about it is impressive,” he said, citing the intricate mythology crafted by “Westworld” creators/showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

“Westworld” is currently averaging 11.7 million viewers per episode to date when reruns, VOD and streaming airings are factored in. In comparison Game of Thrones had 23 million viewers when factor in all of those outlets. But almost 12 million viewers in it’s first year is nothing to ignore. One thing is for sure, viewers will continue to tune in as the puzzles become more fascinating.

Source: Variety

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