HBO Max Lifts The Veil On The Weird & Twisty Series ‘Possessions’ With An Engrossing Trailer

Image Courtesy Of HBO Max/Studiocanal

By now you’ve heard of HBO Max. There’s a good chance you have HBO Max, actually. Either because you wanted to see Wonder Woman 1984 or the massive pile of AAA film premiering on there, alongside their theatrical releases. As good and great as that may be, there’s more to the streaming service than just that. There’s also an arm dedicated to original programming. Not just in the states, but throughout the world. Which is you should immediately direct your attention to this trailer for Possessions. You can thank us afterwards.



In case you got confused at all with the above, here’s the official synopsis for the show:

“A young French woman living in Israel is accused of the murder of her husband on the day of their wedding. As the bride struggles to prove her innocence, mysterious happenings surround her. Is she guilty or could she be the victim?”

It’s only a couple weeks into 2021 and yet we already have one of the frontrunners for best show of the year. Ok, that may seem a tad hyperbolic, yet that trailer is just so good. Mysteries are often undone by trailers. Often by focusing too much on the suspects, but also sometimes giving away third act twists. That’s not the case here. Possessions only lets us see just enough, while dangling the carrot in just the right way. A welcome change. Specially when it appears that action, drama and thriller (possibly supernatural) elements are all in play.

Possessions doesn’t just get a bump by being an HBO original, it truly is an international production. Studiocanal first commissioned the program for Canal+ Creation Original and YesTV. With a little bit of funding from the European Union. It’s a show that was shot in Hebrew, French and English, with a production stretching through Israel and France. Not only does that show how big the show is, but how accessible it’s trying to be. At least, from the outside. Behind the camera, Thomas Vincent (Bodyguard, Borgia) is directing the 6-part limited series, with writers Valérie Zenatti and creator Shahar Magen.

Possessions premiers on HBO Max, starting on January 28th, 2021.

Image Courtesy of HBO Max/Studiocanal
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